Heroncore Bfa PTR Realm will be offline indefinitely.
Hi all, as of today the bfa ptr realm will remain offline indefinitely to allow the team to catch up on the backlog of bugfixes. Thank you for your understanding and the Heron Server team wishes you a good game. 
Bfa Realm Info Part 2 and Ptr realm Opening Date(2023.07.06)

AllFlightPaths InstantFlightPaths function will be activated during the Ptr Realm period.

The solocraft feature will also be added to this realm.

The rates in the ptr realm will be: xp rate:10x Kill xp rate:5x Explore xp rate:5x Item drop rate:10x Gold drop rate:10x Reputation rate:10x.

We will open the server on Thursday afternoon or evening as soon as we have the time we will let everyone know. 

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Bfa Realm Some Info

Hi everyone, today I will share some information about the upcoming bfa realm.

The bfa realm will be launched in ptr as there are still some bugs that will be worth fixing before the live realm.

There will be no items available in the webshop at the moment of opening but I will add a few things during the next day but you can also recommend what to add to the webshop. When the ingame shop opens there will be a few items available for you to buy.

You can earn credits by completing quests and killing bosses (raids and instances).

Bug reporting will be done according to the usual schedule you can also report bug reports…

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Source bug fixed. Server Online Again!

 Hi everyone, today we finally managed to officially fix the bug that caused the server to be down for a couple of days, the update was successful so the legion server is available again. The Heron Server team wishes you a good game.