How to connect?

 To start playing you need to:

1. Create a game account.

2. Install the game client:

Windows: download our launcher – Heron Server Launcher (Setup), execute it and install the game. If the game has already been installed, specify the game folder.


Play fast with the minimal


Download minimal client (fast download) only 200MB

Download and play instantly.

It will download the game while playing (it will use bandwidth during gameplay).

The download during gameplay is not speedcapped.



Download the full client (45GB)


Your game is complete since the beginning. No extra bandwidth used during the gameplay.

This is the best choice for strong internet connection and better gameplay quality.

The Download speed fot the full client is limited to a maximum of 10MB/s for up to 3 clients.

Download time is 1:15 h.


3) Click „Play” and login with your e-mail and password!


4) Gyakori kérdések / F.A.Q



K: Miért nem tudok bejelentkezni? 

V: Bejelentkezni a jatékba e-mail címmel kell! 



Q: Why cant i log in to the game?

A: Loging in to the game is with the e-mail adress!


Q: How to change language if needed?

A: If you want to change the language to another, you need:
1. Close game
2. Open file WTF\
Сhange to
SET textLocale "enUS"
SET audioLocale "enUS"
4. Run game
5. Supported languages: enUS, koKR, frFR, deDE, zhCN, zhTW, esES, esMX, ruRU, ptBR, itIT
Realmlist: SET portal ""


Start the Game and enjoy!

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