Happy New Year and some info.

Hi everyone, a little late but on behalf of the Heron Server team I wish you all a Happy New Year. The team has decided to extend the boost promotion that we started on December 24th due to a website bug so the promotion will end on January 31st (21:00). The website bug has been resolved so that the webstore and all the website features can be used without any problems. UI:( I will be unavailable for the next 2 weeks(2023.01.02-2023.01.16) due to work so the fixes and the respond on discord will be…

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Merry Christmas and Free boost

Hello everyone, first of all, on behalf of the Heron Server Team I would like to wish all players a Merry Christmas.


Today I have made available a level 100 boost in the webshop that you can use by spending 1vp during the holiday season(2023.01.0.1 21:00).


We also provided some gold to make it easier to get started. Due to the opening of all patches I have made available

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Progressive Realm gone. All patch available.
Hi, in the last few days I noticed that there are a lot of bugs on the server related to class halls.   So today I decided to drop the progressive realm thread and make all content available from today.   However, don't worry character wipes will not happen as a result.