Mythic + changes Thanks:Fluxurion

Hi guys on Friday we made a few changes to the mythic+.

From now on, if you go into mythic+ yourself you don't need to create a premade group beforehand, just set the dungeon difficulty to mythic in the header.

However, when a run is over, there is a separate step to avoid losing the key or getting an error, which I will also detail.

When you are done with the insta you have to remove the character from the group at the header and as soon as this happens you have to enter the .i u all command in the chat as soon as this happens you have to set the dungeon difficulty back to mythic at the header this has to be done at the…

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Heron Launcher Update

Today we updated our launcher.

The Launcher was updated to

These are the important changes:

               - Updated the Visual

               - Made a Settings menu

               - Added automatic cache clear

               - You can now import existing installation (there could be some compatibility issues)

               - Fixed some visual bugs


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Heron Launcher New Minimal Client!!

Hi guys,

it's been a long time since there has been a post, but it doesn't mean that we are not developing our Legion server.

This week we added a new minimal client to our launcher which we will host from now on. At the same time the minimal client problems will be fixed.

Its not speed limited for now we will se how this affects our server and the initial size is only 200MB. If someone has the old minimal client it will work to untill the old hoster is available.

After that you can redownload the minimal client if needed.

Thanks for the understanding and have a great day!

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Happy New Year and some info.

Hi everyone,

a little late but on behalf of the Heron Server team I wish you all a Happy New Year.

The team has decided to extend the boost promotion that we started on December 24th due to a website bug so the promotion will end on January 31st (21:00).

The website bug has been resolved so that the webstore and all the website features can be used without any problems.

UI:( I will be unavailable for the next 2 weeks(2023.01.02-2023.01.16) due to work so the fixes and the respond on discord will be slower thank you for everyone patience). T

he server will still run as usual but the speed of the fixes will…

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Merry Christmas and Free boost

Hello everyone,

first of all, on behalf of the Heron Server Team I would like to wish all players a Merry Christmas.

Today I have made available a level 100 boost in the webshop that you can use by spending 1vp during the holiday season(2023.01.0.1 21:00).

We also provided some gold to make it easier to get started.

Due to the opening of all patches I have made available

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