Chat Crash Fixes Coming Today!!

Hi everyone, I apologize in advance for the crashes on Monday night and yesterday that happened on the server, we are currently working on fixing the problem(Missing Includes crashes the server) and will let you know here on discord as soon as we have it.

Follower Eqiupment

Hi guys, if you want to put equipment on the garrison followers, don't do it because the function doesn't work.( The equipment disappears after you put it on.)

Server machine moving to new location

Hi all I will be moving with the server and the ISP to a new location.  From September 26. from 09:00 the server will be shutting down and moved to the new location. The moving can take days but i can't give you any ETA when will be everything online. As soon as possible i will update on the status of the move. Thanks for understanding. Have a good game and a nice day from the Heron Server team. Moving is done finally. It was a pain but its done. The server should be up and running in a 15 minutes. Thanks for the patience. I hope this move will fix the 7 day internet interruption. Finger crossed. Have a good game and a nice day from the…

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Heroncore Bfa PTR Realm will be offline indefinitely.

Hi all, as of today the bfa ptr realm will remain offline indefinitely to allow the team to catch up on the backlog of bugfixes. Thank you for your understanding and the Heron Server team wishes you a good game.