Arena and Battlegrounds News

Hi guys, today we have tested the pvp system for both realms for 1v1 arena, we created a npc(PvP Match Maker) in Dalaran and you can find him in Krasus Landing, with this npc you can create 1v1 matches and start pvp on the server.

You can start 2v2 arena matches via dungeonfinder and 3v3 matches via dungeonfinder.

The battlegrounds are currently being tested in 2v2 but you have to choose which battleground you want to do as random battlegrounds are not working at the moment.

The Pvp Brawl is also running without any problems anyone can join who has reached level 110.

At the moment this is all the information we…

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New Legion Realm!!

Hi guys, today after a few days of testing we want to open a 2nd realm which will work as a blizzlike realm.

Legion Realm Vote End!!

Hi guys I have not been very active in the last 3 days so I am just closing the poll that I should have closed on Sunday but it doesn't change the result thanks  everyone who voted and the result of the poll will be used to improve the Legion Realm.

Vote End Now!!

Hi everyone, I'm closing the polls today and based on the website and discord polls it's clear that we're going to restart our bfa server.

The current launch date for our project, which is still in alpha, is not yet known and we cannot give an exact date when we will launch the server.

As soon as we know the exact date and the development is at a stage where the server is in a playable form we will announce the server around that time.

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